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Who designed the wedding dress for Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester)? The CW just confirmed to that the designer is none other than Vera Wang! The gown is a piece from the designer’s fall 2010 collection, which Wang describes as a soft A-line gown with  multi-layered Chantilly lace applique and a horsehair sash at the natural waist, and it was originally shown with an elbow-length overlay. And the Meester-Wang match-up is fitting, as the Gossip Girl star is the face of Vera Wang’s Lovestruck fragrance. As for why the show’s stylist Eric Daman picked the dress, he told “It’s phenomenalIt has that kind of bravado and gorgeousness and is also subtle and beautiful.” Tell us: What do you think?


Makes more sense than the other article, also considering she was spotted filming at Vera Wang. Now to figure out why B is running away…

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